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Shannon Kirk

Martin Cowen is extremely dedicated and motivated to a fitness lifestyle and has been a huge part of my personal success with my fitness journey, to a healthier and happier me. When I first began my journey to be healthier and lose weight,
 Martin’s first question to me was, “why do you want to do this?” I replied, “to lose weight”. He said, “that could be a reason why, but the ultimate reason is to be healthier and happier.”. I didn’t understand at first what he meant, but now knowing with everything he
has taught me, it 100% makes sense. If my goal was to just lose weight, when it was all said and done, if I didn’t make a lifestyle change, the weight would come back and all the hard work that I put into it would be wasted. Martin made me see that CHOOSING a healthy LIFESTYLE and deciding once and for all, that the way I was eating and living,  is not a life that I want to live again. I choose now to be more mindful of what I feed my body. Martin guided me on how nutrition is the most important part of being healthy and ultimately, for me, weight loss. I am choosing healthier options, and I could not have done it without Martin’s amazing support and guidance!


As of today, a little over 4 months into my journey, I am 25 lbs down, inches are falling off, and my energy is increased!

“We are getting ready for a special occasion, THE REST OF MY LIFE!”


Debbie Yost

Martin has been my personal trainer for almost a year.  He is creative and makes working out fun.  Even those 6 am workouts within an hour I am energized and feel so much better about myself.  Not only has my body improved with endurance but also toning and tightening to a level it has never been.  I have worked out on many occasions at numerous gyms and other exercise programs but Phase3fitness has been more beneficial for myself and my husband.  Scott has become more flexible and improved his golf swing by lowering his handicap.  Having a mobile trainer definitely, makes you become accountable and not roll over on those tired mornings saying you will go later that never happens!  Also, I have new friends in the neighborhood for starting a Sunday morning workout with some neighbors, driveway Boot Camp J.  I truly believe everyone should give this program a few weeks and make your own decision.   We give Martin thumbs up for a great program.    Debbie & Scott Yost  


Golf Fitness

Our son is a budding junior golfer who has been working out with Martin for close to four months now. Before he started working with Martin, our son would get tired towards the end of the round and his scores would suffer as a result. Since his workouts with Martin began, we can tell that there's a significant improvement in his stamina and he's able to finish his rounds with plenty of gas left in the tank! And his scores have also improved as a result. 
In addition to working on stamina, Martin is very knowledgeable about specific aspects of a golfer's and routine and has customized our son's training program to strengthen his core muscles, allowing him to swing more freely, hit the ball farther, and most importantly, prevent sprains, pulls and other repetitive motion injuries. 
All in all, we are very happy with Martin's work and plan to continue with him 2016 and beyond!   TWO THUMBS UP!



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