Health and Safety is our first priority.

Phase 3 Fitness understands that now more than ever health and safety must be the first priority. This is why we have taken many steps to ensure that while you are at Phase 3 Fitness all state and local guidlines are being met. 


The gym and your workouts have been redesigned to minimize the spread of germs. Plus, our facility already has an open air concept that allows for air to flow through and not circulate making it a safer place to train. 


Here are a few of the specifics we have done:


  • Increased sanitization: all equipment is sanitized after each use.
  • Socail distancing: all equipment and machines have been spaced to allow for our members to social distance.
  • Assigned equipment: You will be assigned a TRX during your workout to minize sharing equipment and cross-contamination. 
  • No more than 25% capacity.
  • Employees will wear a mask if within 6 feet of a member.
  • Masks and handsanitizer available for member use. 



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