Martin Cowen's Journey

I'm Martin Cowen and I have been passionate about fitness since I was 14.    My parents joined a gym in the early 90's and I loved everything about it.  I copied what I saw the big guys doing.  Even without a plan, I knew I had found my passion.   At the age of 19, I asked the head trainer at the gym, 'how do I look like you?' His advice was 'research and time'.   That was when I began my bodybuilding journey and my interest in the science of kinesiology.   I spent 12 years in the bodybuilding world getting as big as I could get and studying about how the body works.  And then my life changed instantly.


In 2013 I was in a motorcycle accident that put me in a coma for 3 days, and in ICU for 9 days.   I was diagnosed with a Traumatic Braun Injury.  When I finally started to be aware of what was going on around me, I was devastated.  After rehab and resting at my parent's house, I returned to Austin and my gym. That was a terrible day.  I was only able to do a quarter of what I had been doing before the accident.   My sister ran a boot camp in Dallas and suggested I try that method of fitness.  I loved it as it allowed me to reset my bodies expectations and apply what I still knew about fitness.


My fitness journey began again as I worked to regain my balance and coordination.   But this time,  I was focused on overall fitness, and not on my size. 


On February 15, 2015, I ran my first half marathon and I got it done in under two hours.  It felt pretty awesome for a guy in a coma a year and a half before!   If feel very blessed that I got to begin again.  God saved me for a reason.  I am passionate about healthy lifestyles and bringing that lifestyle to as many people as I can.  Join me!

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